Discover Cabo de Palos underwater

Join us daily for  local diving and explore the Mediterranean Sea. The Provence of Murcia is Spains best kept secret for scuba diving. The Costa Calida (warm coast) has a micro climate of which features comparatively hot annual temperatures and very little rain during the year. It’s the South East peninsula of Spain Close to Cartagena. Cabo de Palos is one of the most popular scuba spots, in fact, we believe it is rated as one of the best diving in the Mediterranean. It is also home of the national marine park Isla Hormigas. This area became a protected area for scuba diving in 1995, the area consists of an underwater mountain with many protected dive sites. On any given day you may see big schools of fish. For the macro lovers, we have many types of small nudibranchs. But also big groupers, turtles, barracudas, moray eels, eagle rays and when in season the magnificent mola mola. (sunfish). Dolphins are also a common sight during the boat ride. Therefore making local diving very interesting.

Our dives are suited for beginners as well as advanced divers. All dives are guided under supervision of a PADI professional with maximum 5 divers in a group.

Bajo de Fuera

This dive site is among many favourites of many divers, it is a deep dive, therefore we do require advanced certification as well as a local or marine reserve dive before.

Bajo de Fuera has 4 different wrecks scattered over the reef and therefore an abundance of marine life.  It is rated as one of the top dive sites of Europe, so don’t miss it!


*Due to the limited time in the marine reserve, our boats have to leave on time. Please make sure you are at the center 45-60 minutes before the dive to get ready.

*It is mandatory to have a personal computer during your dives in the marine reserve. If you do not have one, you can rent one from us.

*If you haven’t been diving for more than a year, we require you to do a local dive first, before we can take you to the marine reserve.

Wreck Diving

Due to its location and shallow reefs this area has been a obstacle for passing ships. During the first and second world war many ships found here their final resting place. The Naranjito is accessible to all divers with at least advanced certification.  The other wrecks are a dream for deeper divers and need to be booked in advanced.


*TEC dives to the deeper wrecks can be booked with a min of 4 divers any day between 3 & 5 pm
*Naranjito can be booked any day for a 7 am dive.
This way we are offering you the longer bottom times when needed.


El Naranjito

This famous wreck found its final resting place right in front of Cabo de Palos. This 51 meter long cargo ship sunk in April, 1946 when a cargo shift caused it to capsize during a heavy storm. This is an advanced dive as the ship rest at 28 meters towards 42 meters at the stern. Read More



This is a merchant freighter that transported coal for the French army during the first world war. The ship, named SS Thordisa at its launch, tries to help the SS Doris, which was being attacked by the U-68. This day, the German commander claimed 2 victims in a single attack, sinking with a torpedo that split the wreck in two. The bow rests at 42m and the propeller is at a depth of 46m.



It’s a large-ton merchant freighter that transported coal for the Italian Army during the First World War. The captain’s version is that he sank attacked by a German U-boat in a hard battle, after the impact of a torpedo. But on June 25, 1915, no submarine was operating in the area, and it was more probable that the fear of being discovered by the sea lions and because of night navigation it crashed against the Bajo de Fuera or another ship in the convoy, as evidence shows by its bow undone from the engine room. It is an ideal wreck for technical diving with the deck at 45m and the propeller at 60m.

Wreck diving


It is a Spanish merchant freighter that transported fertilizers, it was the first ship lost by the recently inaugurated Trans mediterranea on October 1, 1918, when Commander Erhensberber’s submarine UB49 opened fire on this merchant without prior warning, forcing the 26 crew members to jump into the lifeboats. It rests on a sandy bottom at 48m and the entire structure has disappeared, revealing the enormous boiler and the engine.


Local Dives€39

Marine Reserve€42

Naranjito wreck €45

Bajo de Fuera€60


Night Dive€60


Nitrox Filling€6

Park Fee€5

Full equipment rental per dive€15

Regulator, Bcd, suit.                                                                                           €10

Mask, fins, snorkel.                                                                                             €5

Computer (mandatory on deep dives)                                                           €7

All prices are VAT included.  Marine park fee is non-refundable.
The cancellation of departures less than 48 hours in advance will have a penalty fee of €20,-